Show Your Skin Love This Summer

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There is never a wrong time to start treating your skin right, but if there was a better time, it would be summer. With the harmful UV rays of the sun at full capacity, the heat causing us to sweat even more than usual, and the tendency for us to travel to new locations, we put our skin through a lot during these few months. That is why in between all the fun, it’s important to give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Dr. Thrower’s Total Solution Kits compile everything your skin needs into an easy to follow regimen. The kits come with a facial cleanser, a facial mask and scrub, a facial toner, and a moisturizing lotion to finish the routine. The regimens vary slightly from morning to evening, but the provided steps make that difference easy to manage.

Don’t wait to give your skin love this summer– order a Total Solution Kit made just for your skin type today!