Even Skin Tone Can Be Achieved

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For women and men across the world, having flawless skin is a priority, but it’s a difficult dream to achieve. Sun exposure brings dark spots. Giving birth and even just aging can cause stretch-marks. With so many expensive creams and lotions to turn to, the fight against discoloration can seen like a hopeless one.

Dr. Thrower’s Glutathione (GSH) capsules are strong contenders in that fight.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that has been proven to remove toxins (and even abnormal cells that may cause cancer), and even improves brain function. But this antioxidant does even more than benefit your physical health– it benefits the health of your skin by helping prevent skin damage and aging. In a short period of time, clients watch stretch marks and discoloration disappear while enhancing their natural sin texture and color. The Glutathione capsules are available in supplement and suppository form.

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