Accepting Your Natural Beauty

Beauty, hair

Each culture has different standards of beauty. These standards encompass how people dress, how they do their make-up, and how they treat their hair. The media has a prominent influence on what is in-style, but what the media shows us is often tailored specifically to the white population.

In Brazil, this was a large problem. Despite the fact that a majority of Brazil’s population is ethnically skinned, the standards a bulk of the country molded towards were white. But finally, things seem to be changing.

An increasing amount of women are putting their straighteners and damaging hair chemicals down to let their natural curls shine. What was once seen as a a style that was too “in-your-face” is now a sign of pride that people not only across Brazil, but across the world, are finally embracing. While shifting standards of beauty may not seem like an important feat to some, those in the black community see it for what it is: a step towards universal acceptance.